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Classification of Train Accidents

Trains are common means of transport involving long distance traveling. In the past few years, the number of trains has greatly increased. This has also been the case with the rate of accidents involving trains. All train accidents can be categorized based on their causes and the various effects that they can cause. A good study of these can help ensure that the accidents can be prevented in near future. The following are train accidents:

Drivers’ Errors

train accidentThe driver can drive the train beyond the allowed signal block without permission. This is known as signal passed at danger. Also, the driver can cause an accident by mishandling the engine. A good example of this accident is boiler explosion. In addition, the driver may be over-speeding the train. This is when the train is being driven at an excessive speed that is beyond what is recommended.

Signal Workers’ Errors

Accidents can happen when the signal workers allow more than one train into the same block. Also, signal workers have been found to misuse or use inferior signal, token equipment, or points. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the rise in train accidents.

Infrastructural Faults

It is possible that the train was running on railway tracks that are of inferior quality and this resulted in an accident. In certain instances, the train may cross a tunnel or bridge and the bridge was od poor quality and collapsed causing an accident.


train crash accidentThis is a type of train accident that occurs when two trains collide or what is known as a head-on collision. If the train collides with another one that is at the front of it, this is known as the rear collision. Also, a train can collide with the buffer stop. These are structures meant to stop the train from going past a given track. Also, obstructions on the way such as cars can cause a collision, particularly if there is a bad weather condition causing poor visibility.


A train that derails on a track is likely to cause an accident. The derailment is quite common whenever there is a curve on the railway. Also, a train can be derailed at the junction. This is a place where more than one tracks converge.

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