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A Closer Look at Crane Accidents in Construction Sites

crane in construction site

Cranes are used in different construction projects. Although a necessary piece of equipment in building construction and road projects, they also pose a health hazard. Failure to observe proper safety precautions and procedures can be deadly. Thus, it is imperative for the contractor or owner of the crane to maintain strict safety requirements to protect workers.

What Are Crane Accidents?

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Crane accidents are work-related incidents directly linked to the operation of crane machines. The bulky nature of this machines and the nature of jobs used often mean that crane accidents result in serious bodily harm or death. In attempts to reduce the incidences of crane accidents, most employers or contractors work with OSHA to ensure their employees are well trained to ensure safety.

Causes of Crane Accidents

Looking at how cranes are used in construction sites, it is clear that these massive pieces of equipment can be quite dangerous. Any miscalculation or false move by the operator can leave everything crumbling. Based on statistics on statistics or crane accidents, here are the leading causes of crane accidents:

  • Issues with Electrical Lines
  • Flipping problems – Caused by loss of balance
  • Dropped Loads – Caused by failure of load supporting mechanisms
  • Counterweight Crushing – lack of proper monitoring and adjustment of counterweights
  • Outrigger failures – Poor installation of outrigger often results in destabilized cranes

Crane Accident Liability

Most crane accidents are often operator-related. Thus, if the operator is at fault, the liability for the accident rests on the company that employed the operator. If the accident occurred due to things like improper warnings or worker carelessness, the construction site could be liable.

Preventing Crane Accidents

crane accident on siteThough rare, accidents can be devastating. As such, the best thing crane users and other construction site workers should observe essential safety requirements. Both the management and the workers can improve crane safety by having a good safety plan. Other prevention measures include ensuring loads are adequately rigged, routine crane maintenance, and training employees.

If either you or someone you know is involved in a crane accident, the best course of action is to file for a claim. New York Crane Accident attorney should help you learn more about your legal rights and find your way around them. A successfully navigated compensation claim should you, or your loved ones get maximum compensation for the injuries and any lost time without working.…

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